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LISZEN: Top Ten Searches + Highlighted Blogs

Top Ten Searches

Here are the top ten searches for February. For the first time ever a name made it to the list- congrats to Barbara O’ Conner.

  1. Library 2.0 (unchanged)
  2. “Barbara O’Connor” (new)
  3. reference (+1)
  4. information literacy (-2)
  5. ex libris (-2)
  6. new library design (unchanged)
  7. “Google Custom Search” (+4)
  8. trends (new)
  9. Google (-2)
  10. librarything (-5)

Highlighted Blogs

Thank you to everyone that submitted a new blog this month. LISZEN now searches 675+ blogs. Here some of the blogs submitted that I’d like to highlight:

Library Playground

The purpose of this site is to present news and commentary about evolving technology trends in the world of libraries.

Fahrenheit 451: Banned Books

A discussion on censorship through the Pelham Public Library, Fonthill, Ontario. A comprehensive list of “banned book” sites and resources for the novel “Fahrenheit 451″ by Ray Bradbury can be found on the sidebar.

Discovery Tools

The Discovery Tools Blog is John Houser’s personal blog dealing with emerging technologies in libraries.

Allan’s Library

Blog by MLIS student, Allan Cho, blog touches on Web 2.0 technologies and Library 2.0 concepts for libraries.

The Grammatically Incorrect Librarian

“Yet another blog to add to the chaos.”

Final Note

I continue to be amazed at the number of quality blogs that are emerging and feel extra special to be one of the first places people go to announce a new blog. Since it would be unfair to keep all these phenomenal blogs to myself I plan on providing “highlighted blogs” with each monthly update. Enjoy!

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