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New Library Classification System Created

This week a new classification system was introduced to the library world.  It includes 10 main categories as follows:

  1. Computer science, information, and general works
  2. Philosophy and psychology
  3. Religion
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Language
  6. Science
  7. Technology
  8. Arts and recreation
  9. Literature
  10. History and geography

The new system is being called the “Melvil Decimal Classification” and offers a number of benefits for libraries wishing to switch from the inferior Dewey Decimal Classification ®.  These benefits include; not needing to re-label any books or place a ® symbol on posters referring to the new classification system- an ink saver.

This new system was created by Conan the Librarian, well known for his library advocacy videos. “He really has a way of persuading people and I’d expect 99.9% of all libraries to be using the system next year” commented an anonymous ALA member.

Critics argue that the system is exactly the same as the Dewey Decimal Classification ® and therefor has the same flaws. Conan responded that, “these flaws would be fixed with Melvil 2.0” a more “user centered” classification upgrade.

When asked if April Fool’s Day would still be classified as 392.262, Conan let out a roar and yelled “Don’t you know the Melvil Decimal System!”

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