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    LISZEN Reloaded

    On October 26th, 2006 LISZEN went live with 530 searchable blogs.  Today that number has grown to over 750 blogs thanks to blogger submissions.  In light of the 1 year anniversary of LISZEN, I decided to rework the site design from the ground up.

    Those familiar with the old search page design would agree that it had a Google feel to it.  This consisted of a standard logo and a few links leading to additional information.  In a word, the design was simple. 

    When setting off to give LISZEN a new feel I had a few goals in mind:

    • Reduce number of clicks to get to desired information.
    • Offer a way for library bloggers to promote LISZEN.
    • Create a unique results page that focuses on results.
    • Continue to keep the Graphical User Interface (GUI) simple.

    I believe the new version of LISZEN meets all of these goals.  And I hope others agree.  As always, if you have a suggestion for improving the design shoot me an email.  Many improvements were the result of comments and the ever wonderful Google Analytics data.

    So, have at it… the newly redesigned LISZEN.

    (Old Search Page Design)

    (Old Search Page Design: Results)

    (New Search Page Design)

    (New Search Page Design: About)

    ( New Search Results Design: Promote)

    (New Search Results Design: Results)

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