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Library Zen Launched!

Library Zen is finally here.  Technically, everything you see here has been up and running since the end of August.  So, why the delay in launching?  Well, there are a number of things I wanted to get out of the way before committing to this project of mine- namely, Grad School.

Nearly two weeks ago I began grad school at Wayne State University.  This consisted of making a few 3 hour drives to Detroit, waiting in lines, working on assignments, and reading text like there is no tomorrow.  This hasn’t stopped, especially the reading.  Now that I’m in the groove of things, I’m ready to do some blogging!

What I’m committing to, within my own schedule, is a weekly post on library issues.  That’s right; I PROMISE that every Sunday there will be some sort of news for you to see.  This isn’t saying that you won’t see extra bits during the week but on Sunday expect to see something.  The topics will range on a number of things, but with a focus on improving the library experience.

So, I end with a little intro into next week’s post: Library 2.0

On September 12th I attended a presentation by Rachel Singer Gordon.  The presentation was entitled, “Your 21st Century Library Career” and touched on the changes occurring in libraries.  Currently, the hot topic these days is Library 2.0.

Library 2.0 is the buzz word for changing to a user-centric form of service.  Since libraries depend on patrons to exist you’d think they’d be user-centric?  Sadly, this is not always the case.  I’ve seen, first hand, unnecessary hurdles that weren’t in the best interest of the patron.

On the other hand, I think there may be more buzz then necessary about Library 2.0.  Adapted from Web 2.0, there are numerous me 2.0′s.  In the end we need to make sure we put substance behind our product.

gapingvoid: Snake Oil 2.0

So, stay tuned next week.  While you wait read up on these Library 2.0 related links:


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