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Is Your Library Remarkable?

Over the summer I was able to play catch-up on my reading list. Since I received my bachelors in business administration I find myself continuing to read non-fiction business books (go figure). One book I enjoyed was, “The Big Moo: Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable” edited by Seth Godin. Not only did this book inspire me but I could really relate it to the library community.

So, what am I getting at? Well, I’d like to announce a mini-blog series titled: The Purple Library. I just ordered my own copy of Seth’s book and thought I’d give some forewarning. If you want to follow along this is your notice to pull the title off the library shelf, go InnerLibrary Loan style, or purchase it. The choice is yours.

The posts will occur every Sunday, but will not begin until October 8th. The underlying goal of this project is to offer ideas to create anything but a run-of-the-mill library. In addition 100% of all author royalties goes to charities, including Room to Read.

Also, if your library is doing something remarkable, let me know. You may email me at: garretth [at] hotmail [dot] com.